Elkay Bottle Filling Stations - The New Healthy Trend

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Dave Klett
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May 10, 2023 at 12:39:31 PM PDT May 10, 2023 at 12:39:31 PM PDTth, May 10, 2023 at 12:39:31 PM PDT

You may have seen them first in an upscale gym or hotel, but now Elkay water bottle filling stations are appearing in schools, office buildings, public spaces, and even in residences. What caused this to happen so quickly? There are a number of factors that coincided to accelerate this trend.

Recently, doctors have been vocal in touting the health benefits of drinking more water (on average, they recommend 64 oz. or 8 cups per day). Staying hydrated has been shown to aid in keeping the body's cells, tissues, and organs functioning properly, improving kidney function, digestion, and even skin health.

With our increasingly busy schedules, it's easy to get dehydrated which can reduce athletic performance, mental focus, and create an overall feeling of fatigue, headaches, and diminished focus.

And filtered water, only increases the health benefits by screening out harmful particulates, bacteria, cysts, and chemicals like lead and chlorine, as well as improving the taste of the water.

In addition, with the heightened attention to transmissible viruses and bacteria, hygienic "no touch" solutions are gaining significant traction. All of this, plus a more visible presence has led to a tipping point of public awareness, and desire for, readily available clean, fresh, water.

The wide variety of Elkay ezH2O and Halsey Taylor HydroBoost product offerings can satisfy this need for just about every environment.

For larger architectural spaces like lobbies and common areas, an "in-wall" solution can provide high-visibility, high use water stations without unduly impacting the flow of traffic.

There are also narrow profile, surface mounted, products designed specifically for hallways and other areas with restricted space.

For high traffic, high potential transmission facilities like schools and gyms, a "no touch" solution including a sensor activated bi-level water fountain and bottle filling station will satisfy ADA compliance as well as encouraging the use of water bottles, will increase water consumption as well as promoting an environmentally green approach by showing how many plastic bottles were saved from landfill.

And now that the workforce is becoming more hybrid in location, the Elkay ezH2O LIV units provide convenient hydration both in the office setting as well as the home.

And Elkay's bottle filling stations aren't restricted to the indoors. With climbing summer temperatures, athletic and park settings are an especially important venue for hydration. The LK4400 products provide the same benefits as indoor units along with vandal resistant features, ADA compliance, and even pet bowls for our diminutive companions.

With all these formats and options, it's no wonder Elkay and Halsey Taylor water stations are more and more on the scene wherever people congregate.

You can see all of the products mentioned above, as well as many, many more, at our drinking fountains and bottle fillers categories.

Anyone thirsty?