Swimsuit & Spin Dryers

Swimsuit water extractors are a must-have at any public facility with a pool. A bathing suit spinner dries the water out of the swim suit before it goes back in the bag. Choose from our deluxe Suitmate water extractors (hard wired) or our line of plug-in clothing spin dryers, which can be used for swimsuits or regular laundry.

While these are convenient for health clubs and any place with a pool, the centrifugal spin dryers are best for at-home laundry applications. Use them to spin the water out of clothes before putting the clothing in the dryer and you will cut down on your dry time, but more significantly on your energy bill. Or use the laundry spin dryers in places that you do not have a regular dryer at all. Spin the water out of clothes before you hang them on the clothes line for a faster dry.

Not only do spin-dryers save you money, they are great for the environment because they also save electricity.

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