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How-To: Changing the HEPA filter in a
Dyson Airblade 9kJ (HU03) Hand Dryer

Written (Printable) Instructions

Step 1. Using the tool supplied, remove the two security screws and washers from the base of the machine.
Step 2. Carefully remove the main body from the mounting bracket.
Step 3. Remove the filter unit from the main body.
Step 4. Squeeze the filter unit and remove the filter.
Step 5. Dispose of any parts in accordance with local codes and regulations.
Step 6. Locate the main body onto the mounting bracket.
Step 7. Fit and fully tighten the two security screws and washers into the bottom of the machine using the tool supplied.
Step 8. Insert the new filter into the filter unit.
Step 9. Locate the filter unit into the main body. Make sure that it clicks securely into place.
Step 10. Switch on the mains power supply and test.

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