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Mounting a SuitMate Water Extractor into an Outer Cabinet

What are the considerations (both electrical and mechanical) to understand in enclosing your SuitMate into an existing cabinet.

Generally speaking, it is recommended to install the SuitMate first and then to install the cabinet around it. If this is possible, you can download this Step-by-Step guide and follow the recommended order of progression.

If, however, this is not an option, below are the spacing considerations Extractor recommends:

The cutout for the rear of the cabinet must allow for the width of the SuitMate PLUS a few inches on either side for hand holds when mounting the SuitMate or when replacing it when at end of life. See the utility locations in the SuitMate Utilities Location Guide for offsets from plumbing and electrical rough-ins.

There must be a minimum of 14-1/8" below the SuitMate to allow for the proper arrangement of the hard plumbing (or drain bucket) and the electrical supply.

In addition to the 14-1/8" space below the unit, there must be no obstructions preventing straight-forward access to the circuit reset just inside the bottom of the SuitMate cabinet.

The diagram at the right shows the opening that must be cut in the counter-top to allow access to the SuitMate lid. Extractor recommends that the top of the counter sit level with the top of the outer bezel.

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