GREEN STREET SUSTAINABLE PRODUCTS - Restroom Direct is proud to partner with Green Street USA to provide a selection of commercial building fixtures that we have identified as some of the most sustainable products available in the industry.

Let's start greening!


These hand dryers are engineered to be the most efficient in their category. They all feature fast dry times and no heating element (or one that can be switched off) to use less energy. They also feature best in class warranties of 5 years or longer and when they do reach end of life, have many recyclable components.


Elkay GreenSpec water fountains and bottle fillers have high effeciency compressors and/or programmable schedulers to shut down the cooling during evenings or other down times. In addition, bottle fillers cut plastic bottle waste and promote reusable containers.


Bulk fill soap dispensers are greener because they do not have cartridges that need to be changed out and which few people bother to recycle. And, of course, as you can use your own soap, you can buy it in bigger containers and even dilute it for extra economy. All of these are primarily made from stainless steel which is easier to recycle at end of life, and can be used with rechargable batteries.


With the increasing focus on water conservation, these low-flow faucets and flush valves are designed to save up to two thirds the water used by conventional fixtures. They also promote hygiene with no-touch operation.


For water conservation, the only thing better than using less water, is using no water at all! Waterless urinals, as the name suggests, use no water, and because there's no flushing, there's no touching! Modern improvements in design, and a suite of specifically designed maintenance solutions have also eliminated any odors that prior generations sometimes experienced.